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www.AigleBoots.com is now www.FrenchFootwear.com.
Distributor of premium French-made footwear in the USA



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Rubber Boots For Sale

Who are we?

Established in San Francisco in 2007, our mission is to introduce to the US market a carefully curated selection of French footwear brands infused with tradition, craftsmanship and understated French elegance.
We successfully introduced the famed Aigle boots to the US market nearly ten years ago, and have since added a select number of brands. Each of these was chosen, from a number of candidates, for their unique concept, style, history, manufacturing excellence and flair.

Our selection criteria:

We travel annually to France to assess a number of brands for their suitability to our mission.
Among the key criteria we consider are the following:
- The brand has to be French.

- The brand must be steeped in tradition or have an iconic resonance, irrespective of its market share in France.

- The brand must have a history of innovation and excellence in manufacturing.

- The majority of the manufacturing process must be completed in France.

- The brand must be relatively unknown in the US.

- The brand must have the opportunity to appeal to a sophisticated American audience seeking comfortable, tastefully styled, excellently crafted footwear devoid of the flashiness or commonality of mass-market upscale brands.

Our brands:

We are proud to offer French brands which meets the stringent criteria above.
We serve our growing list of clients through a centrally located client excellence center in Dallas, TX.

Our Aigle Boots for Men are designed especially to offer maximum comfort and protection against the rain. Frenchfootwear has a complete and enthralling collection of supreme quality Rubber Boots for Sale that are designed to be supremely comfortable, long-lasting and waterproof while protecting the wearer from heavy showers and muddles.

Our Rubber Gardening Boots are available in a plethora of sizes and styles, and can also be worn as fashion wear. The shoes not only offer supreme comfort and protection from water and mud but are also specifically designed for professional agricultural and horticultural work. Because of the quality and durability, our footwear such as the Rubber Boots Alaska are always high in demand among our customers. Buy Aigle Rubber Boots today from our warehouse in Dallas and get delivered right at your doorstep in 3-4 days!